Colin Luthardt – Its Four Sides

What can you do during the day to have sweet DREAMS at night?

To be able to show good performance during the day, it is important to get a good night’s rest. Managers and leaders find themselves often in […]

Are you leading the way through a crisis?

Are you leading the way through a crisis? People seek leadership, not only in a crisis. They turn to their leader and ask, does my leader […]

Are our leaders effective communicators in face of a crisis?

Are our leaders effective communicators in face of a crisis? During the last weeks you have seen politicians in front of cameras addressing their nations. In […]
Start with EARS

Coaching starts with your EARS

Coaching starts with your E.A.R.S.™ Coaching is a skill all managers are talking about these days. The reasons and the benefits are written about in many […]
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The Umbrella Manager

Many managers feel sandwiched in the middle. They find themselves between top management and the people in the teams. Pressured from the top to execute corporate […]
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The Leaders Shift in Perspective

It could easily be that you have displayed a good level of professional performance for a while. This got noticed by others to that one day […]
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Your Personal Improvements Areas

Have you noticed that things don’t always progress steadily, especially in business? Competitors appear on the market place and disrupt your customers; political situations and trade […]
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The Five Areas of Professional Performance

Perhaps you remember the time when you were one of the best in your team? At work you knew what it meant to show performance on […]