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Leaders get a group of people to achieve common goals.

This is Its Four Sides® of Leadership

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Everything here is your, so that you can recalibrate your role, get orientation about what is happening in your team, and reboot your leadership.


What is your role? What do you believe how you can help your team to achieve their goals?

When you are assigned to the role of a leader, like a team leader, a project manager, a department head, or the head of a business, you might not be aware how significant the change actually is.
As a new leader, you have to go through a significant change in perspective. You have to change your perspective away from your focus on the tasks to the perspective of a leader.


A lot can be said about the difference of managers or leaders.
A manager is a person responsible for controlling or administering an organization, or a group of staff, while a leader is the person who leads or commands a group, or organization.

Both need leadership capabilities and both need management skills.
Let’s focus clearly on the leadership skills so that the manager, or the leader can lead their team to be successful.

Its Four Sides® of Leadership

Get an overview of Its Four Sides® of Leadership, what is in it and how it will have an impact on how you work as a leader.

Get orientation and learn the basic tools to start leading your team.

Here is your Getting Started Formula

When you follow the framework of the Getting Started Formula you will know what to do differently. You will know where your position is, how you deviate from your ideal, and when set out on new direction to lead your team to become more effective.

  1. Get introduced to Its Four Sides® of Leadership.
    Get a first idea about your role as a leader.
  2. Understand the consequences of unbalanced leadership
    Understand where you are now and what you need to focus on more.
  3. Map out your key meetings in leading your team.
    Secure the effectiveness of the most important elements of leading your team.
  4. Ensure effective communication with your team.
    Learn how to reboot your communication and be an effective leader.

Getting started quickly

Maybe you are looking for a short cut, a way to get started quickly. There is nothing wrong with that, because you are eager to get improvements quickly. I respect that.

Here is a choice for you. Here are four key training videos that address key issues you may consider working on.

  1. How to get your projects or improvement ideas started safely
  2. How to make the next change attractive
  3. Six things to create a great team
  4. Communicating so that people listen

Get yourself started quickly.
Maybe you join one of my live events and tell me what you need next?

There are many projects that need to start.  Right now your team has not started.
Imagine what it would be like to have the project broken down in tasks and everybody engaged?

How do you CLOSE that gap?

Get them started!

Is change hard? Or are people just making it hard?

Like moving HOME, change is hard work. But everybody gets involved and enjoys the process.
What needs to change with the way you look at change?

Make it feel home

Managers love working with great teams, and people love working in great teams too. What really makes a great team?

Here are the six things that build the SPIRIT of an amazing team.
It only needs one thing now, you! The leader to lead them.

That’s the Spirit!

Communication channels are changing quickly these days, with internal partners and external networks to digital channels, webinars, chants, and much more.

So that people listen to you, how can you respect their VALUES so you break through their spam filter.

Make them listen

Do you want to ask a question? Maybe you reflected and you want to comment something, discuss a topic, or see how others are doing? Join one of the groups and post, it is free.
  Join the Facebook group called Speaking the Language of Leadership here.
  Join the Linkedin group called Speaking the Language of Leadership here.


LIVE online events

Occasionally I do FREE and LIVE events, like webinars.

Check my event calendar here and find out what is the next possible live event online and and book it

Coach Colin in action 1-on-1

Book a Discovery Session

Sometimes it is good to have someone give you an overview of where you are. Maybe you need Discovery Session and see where you are at on your journey of leadership?

A Discovery Session is a 30min session, just you and me, no strings attached, no expectations, no extra cost. It is FREE.
This way we can find out what a potential next step could be.

Follow the link here and find a time that suits your needs.

Leaders dare to communicate the consequences and the impact of their decisions to their people.

The coach, Coach Colin

Colin, or ‘Coach Colin’ is a certified coach, strategic interventionist, the founder of Its Four Sides®, speaker and author of ‘Speaking the Language of Leadership’, executive trainer, a marketing and sales strategist with a career in different international management positions with large corporations. Sales, marketing and business development has always been attracting him. However, he realized that success in these fields is only combined with personal development too.

Combining his desire to grow and contribute, Colin changed his career and successfully implemented a number of global change programs, like a corporate strategy program and an award-winning international sales training program with a multi-national corporation.

Since then he has invested in business and personal development tools such has the highly recommendable coaching training through Robbins-Madanes-Training. This Strategic Interventionist Coaching Training is run by the worlds number 1 life coach Tony Robbins and the renowned family therapist Cloe Madanes. Colin has always been keen on pushing boundaries, pioneering new areas, and breaking barriers to contribute to the success of others. This made it possible for him as a coach to accept and run a two year coaching and training program with a mid-size company, where coaching the managers to become leaders became a true success.

After this period Colin researched their success in great detail. He revealed and designed the underlying patterns and structures called Its Four Sides® of Leadership and he wrote the book called ‘Speaking the Language of Leadership’ about this company. This book is a leadership book of another kind. It is not based on Colin’s own successes, but it is created around this true success story. It is a collection of true the observations, the reaction of the people in these situations, and the description of the underlying psychological patterns. This true story is written as a novel, showing how coaching the managers to lead their teams became a great success and become nearly 50% more effective.

In a more recent phase Colin searched researched the sources of personal energy. He developed Its Four Sides of Personal Energy. This concept has allowed him to balance his energy levels during the day. This is very important, as our modern business lives become more connected, more scattered and more global. Being aware of what steals and what fills your personal energy levels makes you more resilient and purposeful every day.

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