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What is your role?

If you are a project manager, a team leader, a department head, or even a business owner, you are a leader.

As a leader, your role is to ensure that your team contributes to the overall goal. This goal you may already have committed yourself to. You know what you’d want to do, but now you want your team to join you on this journey.

Coach Colin and leadership

Leadership is about getting a group of people to achieve common goals.


What is your role? What do you believe how you can help your team to achieve their goals?

When you are assigned to the role of a leader, like a team leader, a project manager, a department head, or the head of a business, you might not be aware how significant the change actually is.
As a new leader, you have to go through a significant change in perspective. You have to change your perspective away from your focus on the tasks to the perspective of a leader.


A lot can be said about the difference of managers or leaders.
A manager is a person responsible for controlling or administering an organization, or a group of staff, while a leader is the person who leads or commands a group, or organization.

Both need leadership capabilities and both need management skills.
Let’s focus clearly on the leadership skills so that the manager, or the leader can lead their team to be successful.

Its Four Sides of Leading Your Team

Right now you have a group of people and you are committed to lead them the team on a journey to where they deliver on the expectations.

What are the challenges on this journey? What do you need to be successful?

Its Four Sides® of Leadership in reality

You may have had the experience of different leaders already. It started with your parents, your teachers, mentors and professors. Even your first boss will have left memories. Perhaps you even have idols from public figures or politics that you consider to be a role model for leadership for you.

Let’s take a look to see how Its Four Sides® of Leadership shows up in reality. Let’s explore further how the lack or the preference of a specific side influences on the team.

Leaders know the way, they show the way, and they go the way.

Your Current Bearing

You have a better understanding about your role as a leader. You have also got an idea about Its Four Sides® of Leadership too. This is a good moment to stop and think what is happening to day in your role as a leader.

Where do you believe your current challenges in your leadership are?

What are you facing?

What do you find easy to do? Please elaborate and explain.
What do you find harder to do? Please elaborate and explain.

Explain it to yourself:

What do you think is the reason for that? Please elaborate and explain.
What would you like to be able to do differently? Please elaborate and explain.

Comments or questions

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  1. Coach says:

    Which role do you officially have?

  2. Lubos says:

    Hi Colin,

    my official role is “Product Platform GPE Wheel loaders – Laws and Regulations leader. However, I´m also a “Product risk mgmt specialist”, “QES Auditor” and “Process leader/developer”.

    I have several “leader roles”, some as “team leader”, “change initiative leader” or some as a “specialist or coach” role.
    All require leadership!

    The most challenging role, is as QES Auditor, coach respect for deviations and commitment to delivery of agreed corrective actions.
    In this specific case, I´m the specialist – having a challenge, to coach a team of managers “resisting needed change”. As I don´t have a reporting line or “direct leverage” on these managers, I truly need to lead for the change to take place.
    I intend to use this “use-case” as a learning scenario – for improving my leadership skills.
    I recognize – my approach so far has not been successful, there is no coalition for driving the change – higher mgmt. “Trust organization to drive change – as requested”.
    I´m in a position – where I can coach path, priorities, develop people and support with evaluation of metrics.
    Thanks for asking :-).//Lubos

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