Do you like your team to be successful?

If you are a team leader, a project manager, a department manager, or a business leader, and you go home after work knowing that you or your team could be doing better, then this is for you!

If you realize that your team is trying hard to focus and stick to decisions, and they debate  actions and miss import goals or deadlines, then something has to change.

This is what has to change.

To be a leader means leading a team to success. To be able to do that you need to understand what is going on. You’ll want to decide to recalibrate your position, get an orientation where you are, and restructure your role as a leader from the ground up.

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Are you leading your team, or are you still the best player on your team?

The role of a leader

Team leaders and department managers like to have a successful teams. They want to ensure that their team reaches the expected goal. That is why they want to help their team as much as they can. Their desire to help is typically born out of the following four desires.

  1. They wish that the team had the same sense of urgency as they do as their manager.
  2. They want the people to develop plans that secure the target.
  3. They prefer more competent and experienced people to solve the problems.
  4. They wish that the results would show faster.

However, when the manager gets involved in the planning, starts developing the solutions and actions their people need to take, they only bring in their own perspective. They can only know how they would do the plan, how they would solve the problem, and which actions they would take, if they were working with these tasks themselves.

In this case these managers are not leading their people. Instead they are managing the tasks and actions the people should take.

When they get involved like this, they are not leaders, they are managers.

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If you don’t know what you did to achieve the results, you might as well admit you got lucky.
Jim Collins, Author from Good to Great


When you are educating yourself to become a coach with ICF you learn professional coaching skills. These skills are useful in many professional, business and private situations. In fact, these skills could be considered more the basic skills of effective communication.

On top of that you create a higher level of self-awareness and an awareness of the people around you.

Robbins Madanes

In order to help people to change you have to understand their personal patterns. This way you can help them to interrupt their ineffective behaviors and trigger more effective actions.

This Strategic Interventionist Coaching Training teaches and practices the coaching methods developed by the worlds number 1 life coach Tony Robbins.

Coach Colin and Andy Harrington

Everybody knows how to use images in a presentation, but how can you create images in people’s heads that are memorable?

The Professional Speaker Academy by one of the worlds best speaker trainers, Andy Harrington, trains people to create a structure, paint images and deliver a message to people in an effective way.


Training people in a corporate environment aims develop a behavior to become more effective in reaching the goals.

Implementing change is much more than a One-And-Done communication. It requires a measurable program to ensure a change in mindset, a change in skills, a change in experience and a change in leadership.

Speaking the language of leadership

Can you describe change in leadership, and how do you make change happen? This book, Speaking the Language of Leadership, describes the Journey of a group of good managers becoming great leaders through coaching and leadership training.

This book is based on a true story. It is written and narrated by Colin Luthardt and it is available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and Audible as a PBook, EBook and ABook.

Leadership is about getting a group of people to achieve common goals.


We all have some experiences that have significantly impacted our lives.
Everyone has skills that can make anyone more effective in what we do.
Why not share them?

Here is my private collection that I share with you.
I share those methods and tools that can have a specific impact on your way of working.
I share them in a way so that you don’t need to spend years yourself figuring it out.
Instead, you can learn and use them immediately and get the impact and effectiveness you want as a leader.

Speaking the language of leadership


Discover the methods and tools that transformed good managers to become great leaders. Based on a true story, Its Four Sides of Leadership re-calibrated the managers and gave them a new orientation as leaders.  It increased the productivity by nearly 50%.


The world is changing in an unprecedented way, re-writing the rules of work, and changing the way teams collaborate and communicate. Especially virtual leadership is becoming more and more important at any level of an organization, exposing and challenging those managers who hope that things will go back to normal and their people will work in offices again.

Read how managers, team leader, and business professionals can overcome the constant distraction and changes from the virtual and unpredictable world and lead their team to success even virtually.


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As a business professional in today’s modern world, with an overflow of information and fake news, multiple media feeds, chats and tweets, there is even less time to share your message.

Learn how in a changed and digital world, you can easily create, present, impact, and share my knowledge, without investing heavily extra time or people and money in complicated systems, software, or services.


This book is available as printed book, ebook, and audio-book through many sources, like Amazon, Apple, BookBeat, or StoryTel.
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Being a leader of a team is like being a professional athlete in your specific discipline. Based on tested and proven strategies and actions, learn the ways to bring energy back into your life. Its Four Sides of Your Personal Energy re-calibrates your energy balance and gives you orientation how to increase your personal energy levels.

Its four sides of energy

Life is a puzzle, and you have all the pieces!
(Coach Colin Stockholm, 2014)