How to be a presenter who makes an impact online?

Have you started to feel frustrated about the many online meetings and the poor quality of the presentations?

Are you starting to wonder how you can increase your impact when working virtually?

Then this is for you!

Many business leaders like you feel that they struggle to make an impact with their presentations online. They feel that they are isolated and they don’t reach their audience. And when they speak to stakeholders, their clients or their team, they feel that the message doesn’t come across, and nobody remembers what was said.

To make an impact in the virtual environment
you have to work totally differently.

Coach Colin and sales

Leaders in business do presentations so they can impact their audience to change!

How do you make that impact online?

Your success depends on how you reach stake holders, team members and customers, so you impact them to change their opinion, their view, or take a decision.

And here is how!

You need to find ways how to …

  1. CONNECT: Stay connected to their needs.
  2. CAPTURE: Attention is key, capture their attention and help them keep it.
  3. CREATE: Create Interaction and suspense throughout.
  4. CHANGE: Help them anchor their change.

When you are doing online presentations
you have no control over what your audience is doing.

Virtual Presenter Multiple Cover

Maintain your position as a leader in business!

Get access to The Virtual Presenter

Its Four Sides© of the Virtual Presenter is a structured step-by-step approach that re-masters the way of doing presentations from the ground up.
It addresses the four sides that presenters need to master when wanting to do presentations successfully in the virtual environment.

  1. PRESENTATION: Create a slide deck that impact the audience without learning to use complicated templates.
  2. PRESENTER: Speak freely to your audience without struggling with lengthy speaker notes.
  3. PERFORMANCE: Use simple web technology that enhance you and your message, without the use of complex systems or software.
  4. PLATFORM: Share key elements of your content immediately, without involving extra people or costly services.

Being able to do impactful presentations virtually
is the most demanded skill in the modern world.

ts Four Sides of the Virtual Presenter

Start to do things differently right now!

This is what will be different.

Its Four Sides© of the Virtual Presenter empowers you to do professional virtual presentations from right behind your desk.
Within a short time you will have reconfigured your way of doing presentations.
Your slide deck will become easier to manage, yet more impactful to present.
You will start to speak more freely to your audience. Your audience will perceive you as if you were in the room with them.
You will be able to master an interactive session with your audience all by yourself, without any further people or systems involved.

Its Four Sides© of the Virtual Presenter enables you to …

  1. Develop your slide decks following the PURPOSEFUL PRESENTATIONS PRINCIPLE and connect with your audience needs and desires.
  2. Capture their attention with the PASSIONATE PRESENTER PROTOCOL and speak freely to your audience.
  3. Apply one of the POWERFUL PERFORMANCE PACKS that fits your needs and create interaction and suspense virtually.
  4. Continue to impact your audience through the PRIMARY PROMOTER PLATFORM and create and share more key elements of your message.

Do professional presentations from behind your desk,
without investing in complex systems or software, or costly services.

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It is so easy to be different from others when doing virtual presentations these days, and it is so easy to be so much better.
All you need to do is to take a decision to make the change.

The Virtual Presenter by Coach Colin!

What have users and readers said about the Virtual Presenter?

“If I had known this before, I could have been much more successful.”

Global Product Manager

“After 25 years of experience I thought I knew everything about creating presentations. I was surprised how powerful this style is!”

Global Education Manager

“It was so easy to change my presentation, and it was amazing to see how the objections and question simply went away.”

Sönke R, MD, Tripleston

“Colin worked with me on the sequence of my presentation, and I was hesitant when he turned it back-to-front.
But it worked smoothly first time.”

Managing Director Sales

“We were looking to hire a consultant to train us, but this book already gave us inspiration to do things differently.”

Lead Consultant, Mälardalen

The Virtual Presenter.
Remastering the way you present online from the ground up!

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