What does your day look like today?

Maybe you wish for the level of energy you once had?
Could it be that you want to be more focused and alert in the meetings without drinking all that coffee?
Perhaps you wish to feel really confident in face of the next customer meeting?

Explore what you and your body need to have more energy to perform effectively in a demanding and busy corporate lifestyle.

Life is about having the energy to do what you want to do!

Four ways how you want to rebalance your energy

Having the energy means that you can be effective and do the things you want to do, you can create the imagination what it would be like to having done the things you want, you have the energy in your body to get it done, and you pay attention to what you are doing so that you feel that is was worth your while.

Your health condition

Your health condition defines your level of well-being.

Basic health is enabled through the right balance of good food, nutrients and supplements, enabling your body to perform for you.


Your imagination

Our mind has the ability to picture things that shall be or things that have been

Increasing the awareness of how we use our imagination to create our emotions can have an essential impact on the level of energy we feel.

Your physical condition

In certain situations, it is important to position yourself with positive intent.

How energized you can make yourself feel in a situation influence your chances of success.

Coach Colin - wrist bands

Your attention

There are so many things that keep our minds busy, preoccupied, or just distracted.

In our business world there are so many more things we think we need to pay attention to. Being distracted is diverting energy away for what matters.


I struggled with bad arthritis and thought I would never be able to wear high heels again. I managed to get my high heels on and comfy for the first time since I don’t know when feeling like a girl again. Seriously although I’m still in pain I am much less swollen and apparently faster on the tennis court.

Yes, I was skeptical, why should this work? My doctor had not been able to identify anything from the many tests he had done and he gave me the impression that I was wasting his time. At the age of 50+ that is the way it is, he said and shrugged his shoulders.

After 3 weeks I was sleeping better, no more heartburn; I felt I had more energy during the day to focus on my work than I ever had before. Even other things, like the tingling and numbness in my fingertips at night that I just had accepted simply had disappeared.

Every time I miss out on the protocol I feel that I lose my efficiency, I get more and more distracted, work is less fun and in the end I start to make mistakes.

The coach, Coach Colin

Coach Colin

Its Four Sides of Energy was developed based on personal experience and observations by the author and coach, Colin Luthardt.

While searching for ways to improve personal performance and emotional consistency in professional settings, like at work or running business, Colin focused on the essential elements that can impact and provide a consistent level of energy.

Your personal level of energy is directly impacted by your focus, your food, your fitness, and your fantasy. This means, if you had more personal energy available you could perform at a higher level. And who wouldn’t want that?

This resulted into Its Four Sides of Energy, a defined and consistent four sided concept that you can apply for yourself. Colin has made a deliberate effort to make the concept repetitive in its success, easy to remember and immediately applicable for anybody in a professional setting, like a manager who is eager to achieve similar results.

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