Colin Luthardt

A Strategic Interventionist Coach, the Skipper to Your Success!

Discover the extraordinary journey of Coach Colin, a certified coach, dynamic speaker, and author of ‘Its Four Sides® of Leadership.’ With a rich background in international management roles, Colin’s career reflects passion and purpose. His numerous interventions led to successful global change for business and strategy -like the award-winning international sales training programs. Meet Coach Colin, who has been a catalyst for many strategy and corporate interventions and let him be the Skipper who leads you to sustainable success in business.

Strategic Interventionist Mastery

Colin’s expertise lies in coaching and strategic intervention training. He honed his skills through dedicated programmes by the world’s foremost life coach Tony Robbins, the renowned Robbins-Madanes-Training, and multiple coaching programs according to ICF. His experience is built on many years as a corporate trainer for global sales and managers, which awarded him an international prize. His pivotal role in transforming managers into effective leaders was documented during by his two-year coaching program at Sandvik AB.

The Four Sides of Leadership

Colin’s groundbreaking concept, ‘Its Four Sides® of Leadership,’ takes center stage in his book, ‘Speaking the Language of Leadership.’ Unlike traditional guides, this novel, that is based on a true story; and it illustrates how coaching transformed managers to lead their teams with in a staggering 50% increase in effectiveness.
Don’t hesitate to call upon Colin for a thrilling online speech, revealing the key essence of successful leadership.

Unveiling Digital Mastery

Colin extends his mission further and beyond traditional boundaries, addressing the challenges of the digital era. Explore insights from his recent publications, ‘The Virtual Leader’ and ‘The Virtual Presenter,’ unlocking the secrets to professional success in the virtual business world. Get equipped with the skills, the resilience and purpose you need to thrive and drive teams in the ever-changing digital world.

Connect with a Catalyst for Change

Embark on a transformative journey with Coach Colin, a true catalyst for change. Experience his thrilling online speeches, revealing the essence of a successful leader. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a guide who equips you with the skills, resilience, and purpose needed in the ever-changing digital landscape.
Experience a transformative journey with Coach Colin and don’t miss this opportunity to connect the Skipper to Your Success!

Coach Colin in action 1-on-1

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