Colin Luthardt

Strategic Interventionist Coach, the Skipper of Your Leadership

Colin, or ‘Coach Colin’ is a certified coach, strategic interventionist, the founder of Its Four Sides®, speaker and author of ‘Speaking the Language of Leadership’, executive trainer, a marketing and sales strategist with a career in different international management positions with large corporations. Sales, marketing and business development has always been attracting him. However, he realized that success in these fields is only combined with personal development too.

Combining his desire to grow and contribute, Colin changed his career and successfully implemented a number of global change programs, like a corporate strategy program and an award-winning international sales training program with a multi-national corporation.

Since then he has invested in business and personal development tools such has the highly recommendable coaching training through Robbins-Madanes-Training. This Strategic Interventionist Coaching Training is run by the worlds number 1 life coach Tony Robbins and the renowned family therapist Cloe Madanes. Colin has always been keen on pushing boundaries, pioneering new areas, and breaking barriers to contribute to the success of others. This made it possible for him as a coach to accept and run a two year coaching and training program with a mid-size company, where coaching the managers to become leaders became a true success.

After this period Colin researched their success in great detail. He revealed and designed the underlying patterns and structures called Its Four Sides® of Leadership and he wrote the book called ‘Speaking the Language of Leadership’ about this company. This book is a leadership book of another kind. It is not based on Colin’s own successes, but it is created around this true success story. It is a collection of true the observations, the reaction of the people in these situations, and the description of the underlying psychological patterns. This true story is written as a novel, showing how coaching the managers to lead their teams became a great success and become nearly 50% more effective.

In a more recent phase Colin searched researched the sources of personal energy. He developed Its Four Sides of Personal Energy. This concept has allowed him to balance his energy levels during the day. This is very important, as our modern business lives become more connected, more scattered and more global. Being aware of what steals and what fills your personal energy levels makes you more resilient and purposeful every day.

Coach Colin

The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice!