How can your team be more successful?

Leaders always aim for their team to get better. What exactly could be better?

  • Could it be that you want your team to be more engaged in the goals?
  • Do you and your team need to be more effective during meetings?
  • Would it help if your team’s individual performance improved?
  • Are you concerned about the results and deadlines and the progress of your team?

There are many reasons why a team is not as effective as it could be. Discover more about Its Four Sides of Leadership, as introduced in my book Speaking the Language of Leadership, the Journey.
This book and Its Four Sides of Leadership gives leaders immediate orientation how to take a team to the next level.

A group of people working together always looks for a leader.
Make sure that leader is You!

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When leaders recognize their own shortcomings, they can take counteractions to change their behaviours. While they gradually overcome their shortcomings, leaders can become more confident about themselves and more effective in their role. They can create a more positive and productive work environment for their teams.

Do you want your team to be better?
Then, the best place to start is to discover how you can become better in leading your team.
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Efforts leaders make to become better

Building Their Self-Confidence

To build self-confidence, leaders seek coaching. Coaching can help them set achievable goals for their own development improving their sense of accomplishment and continuous personal progress. A coach can accompany the continuous self-education progress ensuring that expertise in this field will increase their confidence and competence. Leaders can learn to be transparent about their limitations with their team, acknowledging their inexperience while actively listening to team members and valuing their input. This builds trust and respect within the team.


Improving Their Communication

Leaders can enhance their communication skills by investing in dedicated courses, like presenting, active listening, and written communication. They should learn to apply newly acquired skills in multiple communication channels and tools to ensure their messages are clear and understood by the team. Encouraging feedback from team members and adapting their communication style based on this feedback can lead to more effective interactions. Additionally, practising empathy helps leaders better understand their team members’ needs and perspectives, contributing to improved communication.


Developing Their Leadership Skills

Formal leadership skill training can address this gap. Courses which provide the knowledge and tools required for effective leadership can be beneficial. Regular self-assessment and reflection on their leadership strengths and weaknesses through external coaches, mentors or experienced leaders enables continuous growth. Leaders should encourage feedback from team members and be open to learning from their experiences. Have a clear leadership development structure with measurable goals will aid in improving leadership skills.


Giving Feedback Early

Different opinions and conflicts can always be seen as an opportunities for growth and learning within the team, reinforcing a constructive approach to handling differences and disputes is valuable.
Leaders can improve their conflict resolution abilities by learning to give feedback before a conflict manifests itself. Investing in specific conflict resolution training can equip them with the skills necessary to manage and resolve conflicts within the teams. Encouraging a culture of open and honest communication within the team encourages team members to address conflicts directly and creates a safe space for discussions.


Learning To Be More Resilient

Overcoming a fear of failure requires leaders to set realistic expectations for both themselves and their team, reducing the pressure associated with high expectations. Developing a clear vision and strategy for the team reduces uncertainty and provides a sense of direction. Leaders should embrace delegation, assigning responsibilities to team members based on their strengths and expertise. Additionally, they can demonstrate a growth mindset by acknowledging that failures are valuable opportunities for learning and improvement, emphasizing this perspective within the team to encourage a resilient and positive outlook on challenges and setbacks.


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Leadership is about getting a group of people to achieve common goals.


Developing these leadership skills  – building confidence, improving communication, leadership skills development, conflict resolution, and learning to be more resilient in the face of failure – can profoundly impact a team. These skill enhancements support a more positive and productive team environment. As a leader becomes more self-assured, they inspire trust and commitment among team members, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.
Clear and effective communication reduces misunderstandings and builds trust, enhancing team unity.
Acquiring formal leadership skills equips the leader to make better decisions and manage the team more effectively.
Improved conflict resolution skills create a harmonious work environment, leading to healthier team dynamics and more open communication.
Overcoming the fear of failure empowers team members to take ownership of their work, promoting innovation and fostering a culture of resilience and growth.

Ultimately, these skills developments – as described in the book Speaking the Language of Leadership – contribute to a motivated, cohesive, and high-performing team.
It is no wonder that the group of managers in this true story were able to develop the outcome from their team by nearly 50% without any complex re-organization or costly investments.

What you get from following Its Four Sides of Leadership

Know your role as a leader

As a leader you are not on the team, but you are the one working with the team. Many leaders get confused with their role when they try to help the team because they try to bring in their own knowledge and experience and they start doing the work of the team. This only confuses and frustrated teams; the team become confused about the role of the leader and frustrated when the leader doesn’t trust them to do the work themselves.

Following Its Four Sides of Leadership You will learn your role and how to lead your team to success.
This will help you to become clear about what is important for you and your team.

That makes you a more confident and explicit communicator in your daily situation as a leader.

Become a clear and flexible communicator

When working with your team, leaders must be aware of the four different conversations that need to happen.
You need to recognize that the four different conversations about the goals, the team’s strategy, the people and the follow-up are quite different.
Following Its Four Sides of Leadership you will learn to distinguish the difference of the conversations that will take place in a team meeting setting versus the one’s that must be individual.

This will give you insight about what you feel and what others need to be more successful.

Its Four Sides gives you the tools so you know what you need to do next.
That will increase your effectiveness as a leader.

React to situations as a leader

Developing a team to be more successful includes certain dynamics within the team and the individuals.
With the help of Its Four Sides of Leadership you will be able to react differently to situations.
This knowledge allows you to take a leader’s perspective in these situations. This strengthens your role as a leader as the team members see you react differently to them.

That strengthens your role as a leader while at the same time you appear to be a more supportive, inspiring and respected leader.
This makes You the One who is leading the team to success without doing their work.

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Your role is to lead your team. Not to do their work.

The Journey

Standing out

Colin Luthardt’s SPEAKING THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP, stands out from other books on leadership for three main reasons: it’s practical, it’s systematic without being mechanistic, and perhaps most importantly, it recognizes that people are, well, people – and that this quality must be accounted for in all forms of communication between people in order to improve organizational outputs.

– Jody Prescott, Legal Advisor ICE

Filling the gap

This concept of Its Four Sides of Leadership is filling the gap between previous leadership training and real life practice. The concept with the leader’s success compass is easy to grasp and I use it every day.

– Lubos Bartek, product development, multinational industry Mälardalen

Practical and inspiring

This is an excellent book, full of deep, inspiring ideas written in an engaging and practical style and helpful for every manager with leadership responsibility.

– Klaus Petrasek, Managing Director, ACADICTA

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Leaders know the way.
Leaders show the way.
Leaders go the way.
(Coach Colin, Montreal 1998)

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